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June 2018

Nilson Dutra shows how to paint an eye.

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And another:

From TED:

The Search for “AHA” Moments

  In 1988, Matt Goldman co-founded Blue Man Group, an off-Broadway production that became a sensation known for its humor, blue body paint and wild stunts. The show works on the premise that certain conditions can create “aha moments” — moments of surprise, learning and exuberance — frequent and intentional rather than random and occasional. Now Goldman is working to apply the lessons learned from Blue Man Group to education, creating Blue School, a school that balances academic mastery, creative thinking and self and social intelligence. “We need to cultivate safe and conducive conditions for new and innovative ideas to evolve and thrive,” Goldman says.

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May 2018

This is How Those Intricate Romanian Eggs Are Painted

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And another:

How to Use Color in Atmospheric Perspective to Create Deep Space
by Mary Gilkerson

I see two main problems with the way that most people explain the effects of atmospheric perspective on color so I wrote this blog post to clarify things.

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April 2018

Art Video of the Month
How to Draw Accurate Dinosaurs

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March 2018

The Power of Mural Art

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And another:
If Birds Left Tracks in the Sky, They’d Look Like This
By Catherine Zuckerman
Photo Illustrations Xavi Bou

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February 2018

Why Your Kid Paints Like a Kid
by Michelle Woo

When my five-year-old shows me her artwork (her latest masterpiece was a rainbow that is also a slide), here’s what I say. But what I wonder is, “What’s going on in that brain?”

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And another:
Matthew Collings

The Rules of Abstraction

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January 2018

Colorful Cat & Dog Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

    Posted by My Modern Met

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And Another

Luke Groskin

IRA FLATOW: To best describe this next story, you need to imagine an artichoke. Now visualize putting that artichoke on a turntable with its stem right in the center spindle. Now that’s set up in your mind, get the center spindle turning.

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