This is a new page in the Fenton arts Council’s website.  As time goes by, we will be adding good explanations for many art terms.  If you have one to add, please email to FAC HERE.


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1. Color Theory- In present day, students of art are taught about the color wheel; primary, secondary and tertiary colors; and color relationships or the visual effects of color combinations.
2. Composition- The term broadly applies to how the elements of an artwork are arranged. Certain strategies for composition have been around for hundreds of years, like the Golden Mean and the Rule of Thirds.
3. Distortion- In painting and drawing, distortion means changing the visual appearance of a figure or object- pulling, twisting, stretching and changing something for expressive purpose.
4. Figurative Art- Usually this is a term mostly applied to paintings or sculptures. Specifically, it means the work is  representational, in contrast to abstract art.
5. Glazing- Early Masters such as Rembrandt applied multiple layers of transparent paint to produce the deep, glowing hues and darks that came to typify their work. The range of rich hues employed by these earlier painters gave a mysterious depth and intensity to their work, a richness and luminosity that only the glazing techniques can give.