The Community Build Sculpture Project for 2018 is following the pattern of the 2017 project in providing materials and coaching to an unlimited number of community members who will jointly build several “Drum” sculptures throughout the summer.

Funded by the Fenton Arts Council, the builds will occur during “Arts Are The Heart” on July 20 and “Arts Are The Heart” on August 18, and at area schools. 

Check out a few pics from the builds:

kids painting drums Kids painting drums









kids putting collage on drums    kids putting collage on drums


In 2017 the Fenton Arts Council produced a different type of Artzy Project than in previous years.  It was a community-wide creation that took place throughout the summer and involved many different people.  In fact, over 125 people participated!  From age 5 to age 90!

We understand the sculpture has been given to Fenton High School by the DDA.  As yet, it has not been hung above one of the entrances.

Finished Butterfly


Butterfly construction
The first major building occurred at the July “Arts Are The Heart” event.  Thanks to so many volunteers we got a LOT accomplished!
In Rackham Park, behind the Fenton Community Center.  We hope to finish fabricating the other wing segments, to mirror these:

Brandi and Livia fabrication team

Shown with the fabrication extraordinaire team of Brandi and Livia, this is the left wing.  On August 10 we will be building the right wing.  After the shapes have been formed, each segment will be pop-riveted, like this:

Preparing Metal

A little more soldering needs to be finished also.  Like this:

Come join us to be part of this exciting Community Build Project!  Each contributor will be acknowledged,including those that submitted wing designs, like these great kids:

The final butterfly wing design was compiled from these 5 terrific designs which were done at this year’s Fenton ArtWalk.  About 100 people submitted wing designs.

This drawing shows how pieces of the above 5 drawings were compiled into the final design:

The left wing shows segments from the 5 drawings, the right shows the final compilation, though not in the actual colors.


Thanks for being part of creating this Spectacular Sculpture!

The 2017 Artzy Community Project is generously sponsored by the Fenton DDA and designed by the Fenton Arts Council.

Visit the Fenton Arts Council booth during the Fenton Artwalk on July 14, to participate in a completely different type of project for the 2018 Artzy Community Sculpture!